Paul Finebaum: Everything That Happens From Here On with Michigan Is Going to Be Tainted'

Purdue v Michigan
Purdue v Michigan / Gregory Shamus/GettyImages

There's a chance we get some new developments in the Michigan sign-stealing saga later today so the topic is all over the morning shows. Get Up devoted a fair amount of time to it on the heels of Stephen A. Smith suggesting last night that the Wolverines should not be a part of the College Football Playoff.

Paul Finebaum, who made the worst decision in his long and illustrious career by initially defending Jim Harbaugh, like everyone else, doesn't know what's going to happen but is pretty sure there will be a cloud over the rest of Michigan's season.

"Everything that happens from here on with [Michigan] is going to be tainted," Finebaum said. "If Michigan wins the national championship and Jim Harbaugh is given that trophy, I think the rest of the sports world is going to turn its nose in disgust."

Finebaum is calling for the Big Ten to show some type of leadership here because the NCAA investigation is going to last forever and the Playoff committee would prefer to cover their eyes and plug their ears to create the most lucrative matchup. It's a plea that will probably go unanswered, in my opinion. They may offer some sort of slap on the wrist or try to cut a deal with the Wolverines where they sacrifice their coach to a suspension to keep their championship hopes alive but the university hasn't shown much interest in biting on something like that.

There are a lot of people hoping Penn State can beat Michigan this weekend and solve this problem a different way but that doesn't feel like the safest bet ever. We should all just accept this story will be a part of our sporting lives through the New Year.