Paul Finebaum Impressed By Caller Who Drinks 25 Bud Lights On Football Saturdays

Paul Finebaum
Paul Finebaum /

Paul Finebaum has a colorful array of callers to his radio show. You could just say that SEC football fans are built different. Larry from Shelby, Alabama certainly is since he says on any given football Saturday he is capable of putting down 24-25 Bud Lights.

Taking a page from the playbook of former college football coach Ted Lasso, Finebaum remembers to be curious and not judgemental. He wants to know how 300 ounces of light beer affects Larry, how often he has to use the bathroom and what he's eating to supplement his liquid refereshments.

As for the last part ... Larry says he doesn't eat while he drinks because he doesn't want to bust the buzz. That sounds about right for someone who just said they would "suck the bottom out of a 12 ounce Bud Light in a can."

Finebaum ends the segment by shrugging and saying, "We're here to please you. We want you to learn as much as you can before the football season begins."