Ranking Zach Wilson's Four Interceptions Against the New England Patriots

Zach Wilson against the Patriots.
Zach Wilson against the Patriots. / Elsa/Getty Images

Zach Wilson suffered through some rookie growing pains in his first game against Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots defense. Wilson threw four interceptions, each one seemingly worse than the last. The Patriots didn't even need much pressure to encourage the errant passes.

So here are all four of Wilson's career-high four interceptions against the Patriots, ranked by how bad they were for Jets fans thinking Wilson has a chance to save their franchise.

Most Forgiveable Interception: Interception # 1

The first interception was a pass that could have been picked off by the underneath guy, but it bounced high and was intentionally tipped by Devin McCourty to J.C. Jackson.

Third-Worst Interception: Interception #2

It's hard to tell if this pass was overthrown, underthrown or perfectly thrown because Wilson thought Adrian Phillips was on his team.

Second-Worst Interception: Interception #3

This ball was just floated up there at J.C. Jackson. Elijah Moore didn't have a chance to make a play on the ball.

Worst of the Bunch: Interception #4

Wilson just chucked this one up there, overthrowing everyone. Well, almost everyone. Devin McCourty was deep and just about fielded the throw like it was a punt.

Wilson finished with 210 yards and zero touchdown passes as the Patriots beat the Jets, 25-6.