Bill O'Brien Screamed at Mac Jones on Patriots Sideline


Football-starved fans in Germany are greatly enjoying this morning's New England Patriots-Indianapolis Colts game. Audiences with more expansive football-watching options, however, are being tested with the nagging thought they should have raked leaves or done something more productive because the action has been — what's the word — regrettable through about 40 minutes.

The Colts managed to find the end zone while the Patriots have only been able to muster a field goal. Mac Jones is once again showing that he is not the long-term solution in New England or anywhere else for that matter. Offensive coordinator Bill O'Brien finally couldn't take it anymore and unleashed on his embattled quarterback while the two of them shared a seat near Bill Belichick.

Dude is pissed. He's like a travel ball dad who has to watch the games from his pickup truck in the parking lot since The Incident. He's like someone who had to fly halfway around the globe and have his name attached to whatever the hell the Pats' offense is trying to do out there. He's like someone auditioning to work on Brian Daboll's staff.

No thinkpiece here. A football guy was mad and he yelled at another football subordinate. Jones didn't seem to be crushed by the moment and actually has responded pretty well so whatever works. Plus, O'Brien had a shirt on for this, which is essentially half the battle.