Cam Newton's Best Option May Be Plotting His Revenge in New England

Kyle Koster
Cindy Ord/Getty Images

Cam Newton has proven himself as a starting quarterback in the NFL, something people with extremely short attention spans forgot after watching a few injury-plagued games last year. The former MVP is almost inexplicably still looking for work in a league that values nothing more than a signal-caller who can win football games. At the center of the debate his attitude, or perhaps his perceived attitude.

Is he a guy who would accept a backup role? Does he need to humble himself?

And that's how the game is played in the NFL. The unique nail gets hammered down so it is dull like all the rest. Like it or not -- and I assuredly do not care for it -- this is the situation Newton now finds himself trying to make the best of with a happy face.

The rumor mill has connected Newton to the New England Patriots, though significant obstacles exist, namely a complete lack of money. But fair or otherwise, Newton's best course of action as of now may be to take a gap year and learn at the feet of the great Bill Belichick.

Jason Whitlock made this point on yesterday's Speak for Yourself.

Whitlock cited Randy Moss and Chad Johnson as risky swings the franchise has previously taken. One worked out great, the other did not. Newton wouldn't even need to see the field to boost his stock if he said and did the right things from the sidelines.

If that seems messed up, that's because it is. Events have conspired to create an environment where Newton is being asked to pay a tax for his earlier bravado. His best course of action may be to grit his teeth and pay it in New England while building up a list of people to exact revenge upon when he's once again given the opportunity to start.