How Does Cam Newton Not Have a Job?

Cam Newton
Cam Newton / Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images

How does Cam Newton not have a job? Seriously. He has somehow become the Colin Kaepernick of funny hats. Teams around the league continue to sign quarterbacks who have never done anything but make a career out of being a backup. It's become apparent Kaepernick will never play in the league again, but if healthy, what's the NFL's reason for ignoring Cam Newton?

Newton has won an MVP, been to three Pro Bowls and started a Super Bowl. He has appeared in more playoff games than every starting quarterback in the AFC East combined. In February we heard Newton's foot would be ready for football activity by March. It is now May and football activity is not imminent for anyone.

Newton turns 31 next week. Eight of the 26 players who attempted more than 400 passes last season were 31 or older. Four of the top seven passers (by yardage) were older than Cam Newton. The Jaguars just signed Mike Glennon who is a whole six months younger than Newton. Except Glennon doesn't have the added baggage of ever playing on a winning team.

There are teams out there dying for a franchise quarterback and Newton could be that guy for years if he's healthy. You know what's easier than tanking for Trevor? Offering Cam Newton a reasonable deal because for some reason you're the only one willing to take a bet on a former MVP. And then you can use that first round pick to give him a weapon while some other franchise takes the chance on the promising, but unproven entity. Worse case scenario, the kids in your community have a better Christmas and you still get a shot at a quarterback with a top pick.

With every quarterback transaction this season, Cam's exclusion seems more and more illogical. Like with Kaepernick a few years ago, any team that doesn't sign him is committing franchise malpractice, putting together a roster that is not maximized at every position. Newton has won at every level, including the NFL. There is still plenty of time for him to win again. Until he gets the second, third or fourth chances some of these other guys get, you'll never know.