Patrick Mahomes Wants Aaron Rodgers in the AFC West

Liam McKeone
Patrick Mahomes and Aaron Rodgers
Patrick Mahomes and Aaron Rodgers / Quinn Harris/Getty Images

Patrick Mahomes is unlike any quarterback we've ever seen take the field in the NFL. But if we had to compare him to somebody, he's most like Aaron Rodgers. Both possess otherworldly physical talents that allow them to defy the laws of physics throwing the football. Seemingly every week brings another jaw-dropping play from one of the two. They're on opposite ends of the career spectrum and don't seem like similar off-field personalities, to be sure, but when it comes to making mind-blowing throws, they are in their own category.

But we've yet to see the two face off in a game. Since Mahomes took the starting job for the Chiefs in 2018, Kansas City has only played one regular-season game against Green Bay, in October 2019 and Mahomes missed that game because of a knee injury. This is greatly disappointing to fans of good football and especially stands out in contrast to how often Mahomes has seen another older generational great named Tom Brady in meaningful games over the last three years.

Now we don't really have any idea when we might see the two battle each other because Rodgers wants out of Green Bay and a conclusion to their dispute appears far off on the horizon. Rumor has it, though, that if Rodgers got his wish and was traded, the Denver Broncos and Las Vegas Raiders would be two strong contenders for his services. Which means we get Rodgers and Mahomes in the AFC West, playing each other twice a year at least. That is exciting, and Mahomes agrees, as he told Bleacher Report over the long weekend. Specifically, he thinks it would be "awesome."

I'm inclined to agree with the young former MVP here. Being able to watch a future Hall of Famer in the twilight of his career battle a probable future Hall of Famer twice a season during the beginning stages of his career would be a treat.

The Packers are actually slated to play the Chiefs in November as the team's extra game in the newly-installed 17-game schedule. So even if Green Bay and Rodgers make nice and commit to another year together, we could very well see Mahomes v. Rodgers for the first time ever. But throwing Rodgers into the whirlwind that is the AFC West is the most fun outcome either way.