Patrick Mahomes Still Upset About NFL Top 100 Ranking, But the Truth is He Still Isn't No. 1

Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson
Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson / Rob Carr/Getty Images

Patrick Mahomes was ranked the No. 4 player in the NFL by his fellow players before the season started. Reigning MVP Lamar Jackson was ranked No. 1. This has apparently bothered those inside the Mahomes household for months. After the Chiefs dispatched the Ravens and stifled Jackson on Monday night, Mahomes and his future wife took to social media to let everyone know they remembered this slight.

Here's the thing - Patrick Mahomes might not be the best player in the NFL right now! At this point, you would obviously want him more than Jackson, but the other two guys ahead of him on that list haven't exactly dropped this season.

Aaron Donald, voted the No. 3 player in the league, is still a monster. As a defensive lineman there are like zero stats to prove it, but the eye test reveals that Donald may still be incredibly good at football. It's nearly impossible to compare what Donald does to what Mahomes does.

So as good as Mahomes was on Monday, there is still a good case to be made for Donald. The other guy ahead of both of them is Russell Wilson. You know, the guy without a single MVP vote who is ahead of Mahomes in touchdown passes, passing yards, completion percentage, passer rating and rushing yards. Statistically, Wilson is blowing Mahomes out of the water this season. Heck, Josh Allen also tops Mahomes in all those categories right now. And we haven't even mentioned Aaron Rodgers who is right up there with them.

The point is, the Mahomes family is going to need to learn to live with this. LeBron James is in his 17th season complaining about MVP voting. Is that really how Mahomes wants to go through life? Constantly convincing himself that people don't believe in him while many are just trying to reward someone newer, with fewer awards on his mantle. Or maybe somebody else just had an incredible season!

There's nothing wrong with being considered the fourth-best player out of nearly 2,000. If you think about it, that's actually quite impressive. Plus, he's got that MVP award and Super Bowl ring and his team is really good again.

Besides, how serious should anyone take a list that has Drew Brees as the 12th best player in the NFL and Tom Brady 14th? Lists are generally stupid, but if they help you make another Super Bowl, go ahead and obsess over them.