Aaron Donald Treated Cowboys Players Like Rag Dolls on Sunday Night Football

Liam McKeone
Aaron Donald
Aaron Donald / Harry How/Getty Images

Aaron Donald had a relatively quiet night statistically in the Los Angeles Rams' opening night win against the Dallas Cowboys, notching only four tackles and one sack. In reality, his play was anything but as he simply dominated the Cowboys' offensive line from start to finish, putting constant pressure on Dak Prescott and generally destroying any of Dallas' carefully-laid plans.

Here is exhibit A of Donald's destruction last night. Ezekiel Elliott is not a small man, lest we forget. And yet!

You can almost see 'Zeke thinking "Oh, no" as Donald swim-moves into the backfield and suddenly Elliott is tasked with blocking Donald one-on-one off a play-action shotgun drop. All things considered, he did a great job because Prescott didn't end up flat on his back.

Exhibit B comes in the form of Donald taking down nearly half of the Cowboys' line before knocking down Prescott.

I mean, that's absurd. Donald is a literal human wrecking ball out there obliterating any and all who stand in his path. The multi-time Defensive Player of the Year award winner was as disruptive as expected last night, but seeing it happen on tape is a different story entirely. What a special player.