Patrick Mahomes Slid Instead of Scoring a Touchdown and It Either Crushed Or Saved Your Bet

Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

The Kansas City Chiefs closed as 8-point favorites over the New York Jets and bettors were more than happy to throw their money behind them for obvious reasons. ESPN reports that 91 percent of the bets and 84 percent of the total money was on Patrick Mahomes and Taylor Swift's boyfriend. But after they built a 17-point lead, Zach Wilson decided to play very well and Mahomes decided to throw some objectively bad interceptions, leading to a contest that was much tighter than the experts thought it would be.

The Chiefs led 23-20 and were tasked with closing out the game with a prolonged drive late and the officials were happy to help keep it going with some dubious calls. Mahomes, of course, turned into Superman and scrambled his ass off on key third downs. The last one, which allowed the clock to melt away completely, turned into a nightmare for those who had KC and a dream for those who trusted the Jets as the quarterback opted to slide short of the goal-line to prevent Wilson from getting his paws on the football again.

This, of course, is nothing new. Football players want to win the games on the scoreboard and couldn't care less what the line is or how their decision to eschew free points will impact your fantasy league. These occurrences have been deemed bad beats but are they? Isn't this just football footballing?

Something to ponder as you curse god for misfortune or praise the universe for Mahomes' acute situational awareness.