Pat McAfee Rips Land Clark and NFL's Obsession With Taunting

Pat McAfee and A.J. Hawk on "The Pat McAfee Show"
Pat McAfee and A.J. Hawk on "The Pat McAfee Show" /

Taunting penalties are getting ridiculous in the NFL this season as a point of emphasis for officials. On Sunday there were several flags for the offense, including Kansas City's Clyde Edwards-Helaire getting flagged for pointing at a defender. On Monday, Pat McAfee went off on the league's obsession with taunting, and one referee's crew, whose calls have been particularly egregious.

Land Clark's officiating crew has now called seven taunting penalties this season. No other crew has more than three and three crews haven't called any. That's a massive discrepancy .

McAfee singled out Clark in his rant about the awful taunting penalties this season:

This is an A-plus rant from McAfee and he's absolutely correct. Officials in general stink this season and the taunting penalty stuff is absurd. The league is missing the boat by legislating emotion. That's the kind of stuff fans actually want to see.