Pat McAfee Right Back at Work After Being Cancelled By Everyone


Pat McAfee. It feels like society is trying very hard to paint us into a corner where we have to pen a thinkpiece about him but so many others are doing precisely that so perhaps we can keep our powder dry until the next big ESPN-related incident arises. He has a long-term contract with the worldwide leader in sports and if the past month is any indication, there will plenty of opportunities to weigh in on the sports media-ness of it all down the line.

For now, only facts. McAfee was in place today at noon ET on a holiday to break down the four playoff games that happened over the weekend and the two that will be played in a few short hours. This is how he began the show.

“Obviously it’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day. He had a dream. And I think LANK was one of the closest we’ve had to potentially that dream coming to fruition. So let’s realize that as we look around and that we’re maybe more close than we’ve ever been."

LANK is a reference to McAfee's interjection on a New Year's Day episode of College GameDay that went uber-viral.

“And there’s an election about to take place [this] year where we need to remember that we are more close than we have ever been," McAfee continued. "And people could potentially try to drive us apart from the outside looking in. Now, as somebody who was canceled by both parties last week, both of them canceled me. Two political parties canceled me last week and we are still alive. Let’s remember we don’t need all the outside noise. All we need is a little bit of love. Which is what we have for all the people who have good intentions every single day when they wake up, just like us. Now with that being said, football is awesome."

Republican, Democrat, independent, apolitical, whatever your personal persuasion, we can all agree that showing up to work on a holiday by being permanently canceled and being placed on the most prominent real estate in sports television is impressive work. Guess that takes the fear out of everything, though, knowing that you can keep doing the same thing you were doing before being canceled as if there was no cancellation at all. Look for a great stretch of shows through the Super Bowl and for many years after that.