Pat McAfee Gets Excited About Alabama, Curses on 'College GameDay'

Pat McAfee
Pat McAfee /

Pat McAfee and College GameDay are a perfect match. That does not mean everything always goes perfectly. ESPN was reminded of that on today's GameDay, when McAfee got a bit too worked up about Alabama's chances to cover the spread today and cursed live on air.

Observe, around the 1:40 mark of the below video:

"Roll sumb*tch Tide" is a great way to start off Saturday morning. Who doesn't get that excited when talking about Nick Saban beating his opponent by 18 points? I know I do.

I'm sure the higher-ups here are not terribly pleased with McAfee, but that's part of the deal with him. His enthusiasm and fun level is unrivaled at ESPN, but sometimes stuff like this happens. It's a fine trade-off. Good content, too.