College GameDay is Pat McAfee's Happy Place

Liam McKeone
Pat McAfee
Pat McAfee /

Pat McAfee is a rising star in the sports media sphere. Everyone has known this for a while now. His most recent decision to shift his eponymous show from CBS Radio to SiriusXM while continuing to stream on YouTube showed he knows exactly what he's doing, and really the sky is the limit.

But while McAfee has found and will undoubtedly continue to find success in his own ventures, he shines brightest on ESPN's College GameDay. The show is the perfect mix of light-hearted college football fun and serious analysis for someone like McAfee, capable of breaking down a play while making his audience laugh the whole way through.

The segment from Saturday's show where McAfee talked to the University of Miami's ridiculous punter/kicker combination is a great example. McAfee loves his special teams analysis niche and understands that nobody wants to take it too seriously.

It's just all good fun. College GameDay feels like McAfee's happy place; a well-known show on a big network where he is given a long leash to goof off and make the segments as enjoyable as possible while providing actual analysis. It feels like McAfee was made for GameDay with his combination of football smarts, fun-loving personality, and lack of fear to be extremely weird on the broadcast. He doesn't take himself or the job too seriously, which is kind of the whole vibe for this show in particular.

McAfee probably has much bigger plans for his own personal profile in the near and far future, but a permanent spot on GameDay would be great for both himself and the audience.