Padres Fan Giving a Dodgers Fan the Finger Was Not Involved in Any of the Fan Fights at Petco This Week

Padres in one.
Padres in one. /

The San Diego Padres completed a three-game sweep of the Los Angeles Dodgers on Wednesday night with a 5-3 win at Petco Park. The victory pulled the Padres within a half game of the Dodgers as we near the MLB All-Star Break. San Diego fans were understandably thrilled with the result and more than happy to share their feelings with visiting Dodgers fans. Like this guy who ran out of people to high-five so he game a Dodgers fan an enthusiastic middle finger.

Luckily, the Dodgers fan seemed to find the humor in the situation. The same could not be said during the previous game of the homestand where Dodgers and Padres fans brawled in the stands.

Maybe people have learned that if an opposing fan holds up any number of fingers you should just leave them alone. Padres in one.