The Jack Harlow Thanksgiving Halftime Show Was an Atrocity

Jack Harlow
Jack Harlow /

Detroit Lions fans in attendance for the team's annual Thanksgiving Day embarrassment were treated to a Jack Harlow halftime show after watching the Green Bay Packers kick the daylights out of their 8-2 squad. The crowd for this particular game has been pretty uninterested historically but Harlow's show was even more dead than usual. Because it was a horrible performance.

I would say it's not even really Harlow's fault. His music is more low-energy than most rap, which surely the people in charge of this knew beforehand. He did a good enough job. It was everything else that sucked. Mainly the set. And the random guy in Lions blue who appeared at the beginning to sway behind Harlow before disappearing for the rest of the show.

I mean, what is this? Two props? And one is a tarp?

Michigan is certainly cold but it's not Canada and certainly not this time of year. The frigid theme was an odd choice to go along with all the other odd choices. And again, I ask: who was that dude from the beginning?

Many others had complaints about the show.

It was certainly no Creed, that is for damn sure. What a weird show.