Rick Neuheisel Says Ohio State Had a 'Star Wide Receiver' Test Positive For COVID

Ohio State single helmet status: Pending.
Ohio State single helmet status: Pending. / Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

If the College Football Playoff started today, the Ohio State Buckeyes would be included, representing the Big Ten for the fourth time since 2014. OSU has overcome a shortened season, a bunch of criticism, and failing to qualify for their title game to make it there, but first they have to beat Northwestern in the B1G title game. Seems easy enough, but this morning on SiriusXM's Full Ride show, Rick Neuheisel said he had heard one of the Buckeyes' star wide receivers had tested positive for COVID.

Now, one player wouldn't be that big a deal against a conference opponent who lost to Michigan State, but if Big Ten COVID protocols are applied to the CFB Playoff, then that unnamed star player would also miss the semifinal on January 1st. And we're just a few days away from the 21-day rule also affecting the Championship game. You know, if someone tests positive.

Anyone considered a close contact during contact tracing would definitely miss Saturday's game, so that could be a problem as well. Obviously, until we know for sure, it's all speculation, but even if OSU is clear this weekend and wins, they still have to make it through the holidays safely.

The Big Ten fought playing this season, but players, coaches and parents refused to take no for an answer. Now they're here. So close they might be lectured about social distancing. And COVID is still out there, just waiting for someone to slip up and render the entire Big Ten shortened season pointless.

Well, except for all the money the schools and coaches made.