No One is Forcing the Golden State Warriors to Spend All This Money in This Economy

Stephen Curry and Joe Lacob.
Stephen Curry and Joe Lacob. / Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The Golden State Warriors are going to have a massive luxury tax bill this coming season. Fun fact: If you Google "NBA luxury tax" the top link is literally about how the rules surrounding the 2020-2021 season will benefit the Warriors. When the news that the luxury tax would remain stagnant this season, everyone thought it was going to be good for Golden State. Now, with Klay Thompson injured, they're adding even more salary.

Good for them.

The Warriors benefited so much from Stephen Curry's ankle problems early in his career that they were able to underpay an MVP and add another MVP and they won three titles. If their billionaire owners want to pay a massive tax bill to get bounced in the first or second round of the playoffs this year, that's their right.

This is from an article from less than two weeks ago in NBC Bay Area titled, "Why new luxury tax rule is tremendous news for Warriors:"

"Lucky? Sure. Timing is everything, as they say. But it's not as if the Warriors had any control in setting things up this way. They might benefit more than most teams, but let's not forget, they arguably were hurt more financially by last season than anyone else. Had Chase Center been permitted to have anywhere near the kind of debut season the Warriors had long planned for, they likely would have been able to afford a humongous luxury tax bill next season anyway. The last time other teams reportedly cried like this, Golden State went on to win the next two NBA championships. The new luxury tax structure doesn't guarantee anything, but the reaction to it tells you plenty about how much they're feared."

Yes, the poor Warriors. Joe Lacob and Peter Guber bought the team for $450 million in 2010. According to Forbes, the team is now worth over $4 billion. If that's not good enough, Lacob should cut his gains and sell the team. Via NBC Bay Area:

""This is a serious, serious problem. It cannot go on for multiple years … because if this were to go on for several years, the NBA is no more."

The good news is it won't. So the Warriors can stop crying poor and worrying about the state of the NBA just because their city rejected their plan to bring fans back this season. They can wait a few more months before they go back to making money hand over fist. And if they want to save some money in the meantime, they can trade people with big salaries away. No one is forcing them to do any of this. Trade Curry and Green for some precious assets. Use those assets to put together a package to unload Andrew Wiggins. Go back to being bad and cheap.