Nick Wright Blocks Tom Brady on Social Media During 'First Things First'


Tom Brady's social media team got in on the April Fools' Day celebration yesterday with a nod to his baseball-playing past, which included being selected by the Montreal Expos in the 18th round of 1995's draft. The joke was that he was going to bring the franchise back to Quebec and become a player-coach-owner in 2022, which is enough for a light chuckle except to anyone who cared and cares about the Expos, because to them the pain is very real.

Nick Wright wasn't an enormous fan of it and took the extra step of blocking the seven-time Super Bowl winner while on First Things First this morning, an impressive if not excessive bit of multitasking.

The thing about blocking Brady is that it won't do anything to stop being very aware of any time he posts something. There's a certain level of celebrity that is simply impossible to avoid. Like, if LeBron James decided to give Wright the worst beat of his life and block him from social media, the FS1 star would have no problem finding out what was going on with his favorite athlete through osmosis.

It might take a serious personal toll on him, one that might be fun to observe as he came to grips with it, but it wouldn't effectively do anything because there are so many work-arounds and third parties willing to amplify the original message.