Here Are the Worst April Fools' Day Things on the Internet

John Keeble/Getty Images

The worst day of the year is here as people lie, then say it was a prank, then get mad at other people for not getting the joke ... and, actually, this sounds a bit like every day so perhaps April Fools' Day is properly rated. And in the interest of full disclosure this very website has trafficked in the medium before, but 2016 was a much simpler time. On that we can all agree.

We're off to a hot start in the race for who can make the biggest April Fools' Day joke in the sports-media space. Clutch Points has come in from the top rope with an incredible entry, titled LeBron James out for the season with a torn BDH.

The punchline is probably worth checking out for yourself but if you'd like to be saved a click, here's the payoff there:

"I guess this is what we all get when we’re talking about an April Fools’ Day joke post about LeBron James tearing his… ugh… Big Dick Hanging."

In the interest in pragmatism, it's probably best not to dissect that one too much.

The U.S. Open Tennis Twitter account is also getting on in the fun (fun?) of the day by joking about using drone technology to deliver player towels during this summer's tournament.

Back in 2019 the same people floated the idea of dogs replacing humans as ball retrievers.

Yuengling joked responsibly about the existence of a Pierogy Pilsner for one run-on sentence before a legal disclaimer which made for a few funny sentences then disappointment because there have actually been worse ideas.

Some solid contenders early but we're expecting even more hats in the ring as the day goes on. Like this completely unneccessary jab at Montreal baseball fans by Tom Brady, lover of bad jokes and pointless photoshops.

The state of Delaware attempted to make what appears to be a joke about merging with the state of New Jersey. Seems like a thinly-veiled attempt to become a social media sensation like the state of New Jersey account.

Even the Allstate Sugar Bowl got in on the act by putting together a lengthy feature on Shane Falco. Excellent execution and extremely harmless which makes you wonder how it fits with the overall motif of the holiday.

It is... unclear who this joke is supposed to be for. Maybe everybody who is passionate about Dude Wipes and spiked seltzers? We had to see it so you do, too.

One of the interesting things about this day is the ability for brands to come up with things that are jokes but should actually exist. Culver's has done that with the Wisconsin Cheese Curd.

Or when a sports team introduces a new uniform that is ridiculous but also not that ridiculous, like the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Credit where credit's due, though. Syracuse's track and cross-country teams, with runners too young to remember Seinfeld's NBC run, landed a great reference to an unforgettable character. We are thankful they properly set their alarm clock for that one.

Just lighthearted fun there. As opposed to DJ Quik, who will probably win this thing now, who posted about being shot twice and being en route to the hospital as a goof. That's a strong commitment to the bit, even if the bit needs some work.

Even the First Lady got involved.

We'll provide all the relevant updates here so we can cringe — or delight — together.