Nick Sirianni Rebrands Naps as 'Attacking Rest,' Has an Incredible Ceiling As a Football Guy

Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Nick Sirianni is conducting his first training camp as an NFL coach and is serious about instituting changes. Though teams are allotted 2.5 hours on the field, the Philadelphia Eagles have been getting on and off in under two hours. The rookie coach's philosophy is that ability is worth nothing without availability, which would look nice on a throw pillow if any amateur stitchers out there are seeking inspiration.

Sirianni famously authored an odd but memorable introductory press conference upon getting the job back in January. This put him behind the 8-ball as it's tough to make a second impression when the first yields so many memes. His immediate success is tied deeply to either Jalen Hurts taking huge steps or Joe Flacco slipping on a banana peel and waking up thinking it's 2011 again. Both seem like specious possibilities.

We can rest easy, though, knowing that Siranni will remain in our collective consciousness with his capacity of elite coach speak. Here, via the team website, are his thoughts on attacking every day.

It isn't sexy and it doesn't generate headlines, but Sirianni's daily message is consistent: Stay focused on that day and improve just one percent each time out and move on from there. He reiterated the message again on Wednesday. "My message to the team is very clear: We attack every day. It's a climb and we're attacking every day," he said. "We like to even break it down further than that. We're not only attacking every day; we're attacking the little parts of that day, right? The players right now are attacking rest. The coaches, when we're done here, I'm going to go up with the offensive staff and we're going to watch the tape and we're going to attack the crap out of the film. Then we're going to attack the meeting room, right? Then we're going to attack the walkthrough, then we are going to attack the meeting room again.

Oh, hell yes. This is the good stuff. The type of material Man Campbell should be incorporating if he weren't so busy emptying his system of coffee every 10 minutes. This is the type of vernacular that forges Tough Football Men. You don't watch film, you attack the crap out of it. You don't have a meeting. You attack the meeting. You don't nap. You attack rest.

That last one is an all-timer. And potentially a new angle for parents of young children to pursue. The next time your 3-year-old is screaming bloody murder and repeating "No nap!", simply remind them that rest is there to be dominated physically. Foreseeing a 95-98 percent success rate there.