Nick Sirianni Had a Rough Introductory Press Conference

Stephen Douglas
Nick Sirianni
Nick Sirianni /

Nick Sirianni had his introductory press conference on Friday afternoon. The new Philadelphia Eagles coach made quite the impression by trying to drive home the kind of smart football team he wants to build, assuring fans and the press that the right people are in place to know what they have to do and put systems in place that are easy to learn and yet complicated for other teams to figure out. And then the talent takes over. Woo boy.

And this is the moment and meme that will be the background for Sirianni's tenure in Philadelphia. Sirianni did not win the press conference like Joe Judge, which means he probably won't have the executive power to cancel Christmas. He also didn't confusingly promote cannibalism like Dan "The Dude" Campbell.

Sirianni should not let this get him down. He already has the full support of Swoop. All that matters is how the team does on the field. If the Eagles win, this is an amusing thing to look back on and say, hey we did build a smart football team that was both simple and confusing! If the Eagles lose then, this was obvious from the opening press conference!