LeBron James, Nick Saban Will Appear on ManningCast For Eagles-Cowboys [UPDATE]

Nick Saban
Nick Saban / James Gilbert/Getty Images

The Philadelphia Eagles will face off against the Dallas Cowboys tonight on Monday Night Football. Normally NFC East games in primetime are the ones we feel comfortable skipping, but these two teams in particular often bring madness with them to this timeslot. It should be chaotic if anything, which mean it should be fun.

Peyton and Eli Manning will be on the call once again on ESPN2, the third of 10 games they agreed to broadcast with ESPN. The guest list will be rolled out over the course of the day, and we got the first one via AL.com this morning: Nick Saban, the legend himself, will be on the call with the Manning brothers.

Manning Guests Eagles-Cowboys

Saban has some familiarity with the Manning brothers; as noted in the above article, he appeared on Eli's Places on ESPN+, and Peyton visited Alabama a couple of times when he was still playing. Saban can be grouchy but has shown an ability to loosen up if the occasion calls for it and the fun-loving nature of the ManningCast should lead to some good soundbites. If only for the "Deez Nuts" discourse.

If the previous two broadcasts are any indication, Saban is the first of four guests that will be announced over the course of the day. We'll see how the Mannings diversify their multicast.

UPDATE: The second guest announced is former Eagles DE Chris Long, who will appear in the fourth quarter.

LeBron James ManningCast

UPDATE 2: The Mannings released their full guest list and it is a doozy. LeBron James will be joining, along with Matthew Stafford to complete the list.