Nick Saban Says Deez Can Be Whatever You Want Them To Be

Stephen Douglas
Nick Saban
Nick Saban / Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Nick Saban was revealed to be a human with a proclivity for off-color jokes earlier this week when Alabama Crimson Tide safety Jordan Battle told the press that Saban enjoys saying, "suck on deez" and "touch deez." Saban was asked about this on his Thursday radio show and tried his best to explain it away, first explaining how he used to flex when he was around Derrick Henry. It only got more confusing from there. Via 247 Sports:

“So I have a couple of my pet peeves, aight, but most of them are -- it’s to anybody’s imagination what ‘this is,’ what ‘these are.’ So it’s whatever you think it is, aight. Now, if you think it’s something bad, then it’s something bad, aight. But it doesn’t have to be anything bad. It can be whatever you think it is, and I like to get on Jordan Battle.” 

Well, that makes no sense. It's up to your imagination what Saban is telling players to suck on? Saban was outed for liking deez nuts jokes. It's childish and Andy Isaac owns it (He owns it), but trying to act like it's anything else is even dumber. Lane Kiffin already confirmed the story and shared the origin.

Deez are facts.