Nick Mahrley Latest Bad MLB Umpire to Make Himself Known

Oakland Athletics v Detroit Tigers
Oakland Athletics v Detroit Tigers / Duane Burleson/GettyImages

Major League Baseball's umpire problem somehow continues to get worse with each passing day as sports fans are regularly introduced to new bad umpires. Nick Mahrley was behind the plate for Monday night's Detroit Tigers - Oakland Atheltics game. The fact that we're writing a blog post about him is really all you need to know.

Mahrley was all over the place tonight with the Detroit Tigers getting the worst of it. Mahrley did such a bad job that even the staunchest defenders of baseball's Human Element couldn't help but speak out. Tigers manager AJ Hinch had his first conversation with Mahrley when the 3rd inning ended on a questionable call.

When they would meet again in the 9th, Javy Baez and Hinch were both tossed.

Even Baez's ejection didn't sit right with the Tigers.

After tossing Baez, Mahrley called this a strike on Miguel Cabrera.

Just a bad, bad job. And something MLB is seeing way too often this season.