Did Nick Foles Admit Brian Griese Report About Matt Nagy's Play Calling Was Accurate?

Nick Foles and Matt Nagy.
Nick Foles and Matt Nagy. / Joe Scarnici/Getty Images

ESPN Monday Night Football analyst Brian Griese created quite a firestorm during the Bears-Rams game this week. Griese relayed to viewers that Nick Foles told him there were times when coach Matt Nagy sent in a play call that Foles knew he would not have enough time to execute. That led to Foles and Nagy being asked about the comment by reporters after the game, Foles seeking out Nagy and explain his side of the story.

On Tuesday, Foles made his first public comments about Griese's report since his postgame press conference. He offered a convoluted answer to the question of whether or not Griese was accurate in his reporting.

There are two ways you interpret this answer. The first is that Foles is admitting he made the mistake of telling a reporter something he shouldn't have, and he's been forgiven by Nagy. The second is that Foles is placing the blame on Griese for making the mistake and Foles is willing to forgive Griese and move on. From my perspective, it's the former.

If Griese inaccurately reported something a player told him of this magnitude on a nationally televised primetime game, he would not only be putting his credibility in jeopardy, he would eliminate any trust players have with him going into future games. Griese also clarified his initial in-game report on SportsCenter later in the evening and didn't back down from it. If anything, he doubled-down on it.

It appears Foles has cleared the air with Nagy and the QB-coach dynamic remains strong for the 5-2 Bears. But this whole incident won't be over until we get a definitive answer about whether Griese's reporting was accurate or not. Foles didn't clarify it with this quote, but hopefully we'll learn the truth from him or Griese eventually.