NFL Week 3 Predictions and Picks Against the Spread

Arizona Cardinals v Las Vegas Raiders
Arizona Cardinals v Las Vegas Raiders / Ethan Miller/GettyImages

It was a great week for those who love exciting football and a terrible week for those tasked with picking the winners of those football games. The second-half comeback bonanza in the early window on Sunday hurt Kyle and Liam quite a bit in the picks department. Compounded with a pair of Monday Night Football whiffs and the two find themselves behind the eight ball in the early days of the season, going 6-10 on the week for a 14-18 record on the year. But Week 3 brings promise of hope renewed.

Here are our Week 3 NFL picks and predictions against the spread (all odds via WynnBet).


The Steelers' offense has been bad for the opening weeks of the season but has it been so bad they really deserve to be five-point underdogs to the same Browns who blew a 13-point lead after the two-minute warning last Sunday? I think not. Such a catastrophic loss is extremely demoralizing and its effects will be felt on a short week. Amazon will enjoy a classic AFC North slugfest for its second full-fledged TNF production. Steelers 17, Browns 13

TEXANS (+2.5) over BEARS

Matt Eberflus seems to be taking a lot of inspiration from how Matt Nagy used Justin Fields last year, which is mighty concerning. How does Fields only attempt 11 passes in a game against Aaron Rodgers? The world may never know. The Texans are no longer a bettor's best-kept secret, as evidenced by this tiny line, but they are creeping towards mediocrity and we love to see it. Home-cooking keeps Chicago afloat but Houston makes it close. Bears 23, Texans 21


For these two AFC playoff hopefuls, starting 0-3 may as well be a death sentence and both sidelines know it. It'll be a desperate game played. In the end, banking on homefield advantage and the sting of an embarrassing primetime defeat makes us lean Titans. Titans 21, Raiders 17

CHIEFS (-6.5) over COLTS

So. The Colts are... bad? Very bad? The first two weeks seem to suggest so. Their defense cannot pressure the opposing quarterback to save their lives and Matt Ryan's limited receiving options only got worse with Michael Pittman Jr. banged up. And, for some reason, they have forgotten they have Jonathan Taylor. Even if they remember that little fact, KC is set to roll. Chiefs 34, Colts 17

BILLS (-4.5) over DOLPHINS

Good lord, the Bills do seem to be that good. And while the Dolphins surprised everyone with an absurd offensive explosion in their epic comeback against Baltimore, smart money says they won't do it twice. Until we see proof that someone can keep up with or slow down Josh Allen's offense, it's tough to bet against them-- but a late push from Miami makes this a bit closer than Buffalo's first two dominant victories. Bills 30, Dolphins 24


All right, so we were wrong about Kirk Cousins and the Vikings. Who hasn't written that exact sentence several times over the last few years, though? The Lions, meanwhile, looked like a complete team in their win over Washington. Detroit might sneakily be the second-best team in the NFC North, and they'll stake a claim for that title in Minnesota this Sunday. Lions 27, Vikings 24


The Ravens suffered an unbelievable loss to the Dolphins. The Patriots earned their first win of the season. Neither game tells us much about how good these teams are. For all the failures of Baltimore this past week Lamar Jackson was immaculate and should carve up a feisty but unathletic Pats defense with ease, while New England is still getting their act together offensively and won't pose a huge threat. This one will be over early and actually stay that way. Ravens 31, Patriots 20

BENGALS (-4.5) over JETS

We got burned last week banking on the Bengals to wake up, and that's a possibility again this week. But it's just very hard to take the Jets after a miracle win that wouldn't happen again if you replayed that scenario 1000 times. Cincinnati will feel a bit better this time next week but questions about the offensive line will remain. Bengals 24, Jets 17


Well, Philly looks great, huh? Jalen Hurts appears to be the real deal and their defense stymied what had been a very effective Vikings attack in primetime. The Commanders have Carson Wentz, who can and will throw his team out of games just as often as he'll carry them in a dramatic comeback attempt. Our guess is that Philly retains a strong hold atop the NFC East but it'll be a close call in a typically messy divisional matchup. Eagles 33, Commanders 30


Baker Mayfield has to win at some point, right? He's come precariously close two weeks in a row with nothing to show for it. The disrespect will continue until morale improves and the Panthers find themselves home underdogs against the mighty Jameis Winston. Everything about this game screams that the offense that makes the fewest mistakes will emerge as victor. Grit your teeth and take the free points. Every contest comes down to the final few minutes anyway. Panthers 21, Saints 17


Justin Herbert is an ill-timed pick-six from a million puff pieces wondering if he's ascended to the top of the quarterbacking mountaintop. It was a hell of a thing to watch Los Angeles completely outplay the Chiefs and walk away with nothing to show for it. The best way to make it through life is by affecting an even, chill attitude and not overreact. One team is really good. The other simply looked good by beating the desperately broken Colts. Chargers 35, Jaguars 22


If you'd have asked about this one at about 6 p.m. on Sunday, we'd have taken the Rams at -13.5. How an hour can change things. The defending Super Bowl champions are good enough to win but not strong enough on the ground to put teams away, as evidenced by a scare against the Falcons. Kyler Murray is arguably the most exciting player in the league, even though he's a bit Jekyll and Hyde. Kliff Kingsbury should do everyone a favor and allow his franchise signal-caller to draw plays up in the dirt and run around like a chicken with his head cut off. He's only getting in the way. Rams 30, Cardinals 28


Everyone is saying Nathaniel Hackett is the worst coach in the NFL but do not sleep on Arthur Smith. God forbid they try to throw the ball to Kyle Pitts. Don't watch this one unless you have to. Seahawks 15, Falcons 10


Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers will square off in the ultimate Mid-Life Crisis Bowl and to this point it's been more fun for the Packers great. We look forward to them both working some things out on the field. Tampa's defense has been spectacular to this point and it's looking like Touchdown Tom could follow the path forged by Peyton Manning during that miserable Super Bowl run. Something to look forward to! Buccaneers 28, Packers 20


Mr. Unlimited has been extremely limited. Jimmy G has been waiting in the wings. If either team wants to make the playoffs, they'll need this one. Defenses will once again rein. Hammer the under. Broncos 17, Niners 12


The Ewing Theory committee have chartered a flight to La Guardia to study whatever the hell is happening in Dak Prescott's absence. Brian Daboll gets another week of people talking about his plums. No amount of praying can free us from the hammerlock the NFC East has on Monday night. Contractually obligated to make a pick, we're banking on Daniel Jones throwing to the wrong team too often. Cowboys 23, Giants 20