Awed Discussion About Size of Brian Daboll's Stones Enters Sixth Day

Kyle Koster
Justin Ford/GettyImages

First-year New York Giants head coach Brian Daboll successfully went for two points and the win against the Tennessee Titans last weekend, establishing a bizarre fascination with the size of his testicles that is currently sweeping through the Tri-State Area. The New York Post trotted out a "Dabolls of Steel"backpage on Monday, the highest honor a civilian can receive from their country.

Larry Brown Sports said Daboll showed "big balls in Giants debut." Messages boards have spent all week posting that South Park GIF over and over and over again. And now, five days after the selfless heroism of running a play from the 3-yard line, the fascination with Big Blue anatomy continues.

Here's Brandon Jacobs on ESPN Radio this morning, marveling at "a huge set down there."

Look, we shouldn't begrudge anyone success and Giants fans should savor the huge victory because watching a full season of Daniel Jones won't be the easiest task. I don't know what the appropriate amount of discussion about a coach's plums is but it does seem like everyone is laying it on a bit thick early on. It's a long year. Pace yourselves or run the risk of running out of SFW synonyms.