NFL Week 16 Predictions and Picks Against the Spread

Jonathan Taylor
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A resurgence of positive COVID cases has turned the NFL on its head, but The Big Lead kept the ship afloat during the storm and managed a 9-7 record in Week 15. It pushed Liam and Kyle past the 100 correct picks mark and the pair sit at 105-94 on the season. It's time to finish out the year strong.

Here are our Week 16 predictions and picks against the spread (all odds via WynnBet).

*Due to the NFL's COVID situation, there are no available lines for Bears-Seahawks, Rams-Vikings, WFT-Cowboys, Giants-Eagles, or Chiefs-Steelers.

NFL Week 16 Predictions

TITANS (+3.5) over NINERS

The Titans missed a golden opportunity to essentially assure their playoff spot in Pittsburgh. Mike Vrabel needs to find a way to keep that disappointing afternoon from becoming a season-ruining skid. No team requires maximum attention to detail and willingness to engaged physically like Kyle Shanahan's bruising squad. This would usually be a cause for concern but the Titans seem like a group that are at their best when hitting, and hitting hard. Take the free candy in friendly confines and enjoy the throwback gameplans grinding the grass down to a fine mist. Titans 21, Niners 17

PACKERS (-7.0) over BROWNS

If you can find this line, you should act quickly because this is as low as it's going to get. The Browns' COVID issues are rampant and it's anybody's guess how many of their guys will test negative before Saturday. But even with a relatively healthy and available Cleveland roster, the Packers are playing at Lambeau on Christmas. Aaron Rodgers tends to show up for these kinds of games. Packers 33, Browns 17


Kyler Murray can do anything he sets his mind to except beat the lowly Detroit Lions. Weird stuff. There's no way around it. Arizona got their butts kicked by Dan Campbell and a group of ragtag misfits. Indianapolis will play just as hard as the Lions did only with more talent. Much like in the previous pick, we're banking on Kliff Kingsbury rising to the moment and righting the ship in a high-leverage spot. Desperation and urgency create a potent cocktail this time of year. Cardinals 28, Colts 20

LIONS (+4.5) over FALCONS

Gamblers love the Lions and for good reason. This is actually one time they are appropriately respected by a number, which factors hitting the road with the rare victory hangover. Matt Ryan is way better than his supporting cast makes him appear and is playing for greener pastures next year. But if he thinks Detroit is going to lay down and start purring for him, he's sadly mistaken. A trio of interceptions from a much-maligned secondary spell success for a second straight week. Lions 33, Falcons 21

BENGALS (-2.5) over RAVENS

Joe Burrow appears more and more to be the real deal. Lamar Jackson's health is a huge question mark and his replacement isn't exactly a giant step down. John Harbaugh would love to be close enough to try to win with a two-point conversion for a third time. Won't happen. Cincinnati stays hot riding all the way into the playoffs. Bengals 37, Ravens 22

PATRIOTS (-2.5) over BILLS

The Mac Jones-Josh Allen rivalry really kicks off this weekend. With so much on the line for both teams it will be the side who makes the fewest mistakes. And in that situation, you never go against Bill Belichick, who actually apologized to media for being curt. Something super-strange is going on and when that happens, always reach for the trusted security blanket. Patriots 25, Bills 21

NFL Predictions Week 16

JAGUARS (+2.5) over JETS

Doesn't even deserve analysis. Can you believe the NFL plays 17 regular season games now? What percentage of inventory ends up looking like this come holiday time? Jaguars 20, Jets 19


The Bucs lost their two top receivers and their top running back all in one ugly loss against the Saints last week, and chances are they rest up the top talent against the woeful Panthers in preparation for a Super Bowl run. It will be a wise move. Tampa will handle this one easily because Carolina is a mess and do one thing well, which is running the football. The Bucs have done one thing well defensively all season, which is stopping the run. This is a snoozer. Bucs 27, Panthers 10

TEXANS (+10.5) over CHARGERS

This seems like an easy Chargers victory that will be over by halftime, but if there's anything we know about this year's Bolts, it's that we know nothing. They've been stunningly inconsistent on a week-to-week basis, which opens up an opportunity for some good underdog money. The Texans are not good but border on competent and a backdoor cover is definitely in play. Chargers 30, Texans 22


Geez. We don't know, man. This is basically a pick-em between two teams who would be amped to be the seven-seed in the AFC. The Raiders are at home but also just barely beat a Browns team starting Nick Mullens. The Broncos seem more competent but who knows if Teddy Bridgewater will clear concussion protocol in time to suit up. His injury was bad enough to question if he should even see the field again this year. There is no good answer here, so let's ride with the home team and hope.


This may seem like a bleak MNF game, and it absolutely is to some degree, but these teams are playing for a lot. Both are in the thick of their respective wild card races and a victory would go a long way towards ensuring a postseason appearance. That matters more for Brian Flores than it does for Sean Payton in terms of job security. Unfortunately for Flores, this isn't his matchup. Dennis Allen just put Tom Brady in a blender. What is he going to do to Tua Tagovailoa? Saints 21, Dolphins 13