NFL Schedule Release Leaks are of Great Interest to Fans in a Sports Desert

Bill Belichick searching for answers.
Bill Belichick searching for answers. / Getty Images/Getty Images

The NFL will release the schedule for the 2020 season this week. The schedule will be official, but tentative with up to a six week contingency plan already in place that would keep the Super Bowl in February. Despite the fact that the schedule is subject to change at any moment, fans are really looking forward to this.

Google searches for NFL schedule have reached a critical mass, while "NFL schedule release leaks" is one of the highest related search terms. Meaning not only are people wondering if the schedule has been released or when it will be released, but whether there have been any leaks. They can't wait a week. They need spoilers. Even if the games might not happen then or at all. They need to see two team names at a date and time so they can imagine a world where sports are taking place.

One of the most highly-anticipated matchups will surely be the Cincinnati Bengals and Washington Pigskins, which will feature the 22nd time in NFL history the top two picks face off against each other as rookies. Novelty is likely the only reason to watch a game featuring two teams that combined for five wins the previous season.

With a captive audience hungry for anything football-related you would think the NFL would release one week per night on ESPN for the next two-plus weeks. When ESPN runs out of Michael Jordan documentary episodes in a couple weeks, they'll probably wish the NFL had at least asked.