Video of Scott Hanson's NFL RedZone Debut is an Outstanding Throwback

Scott Hanson RedZone.
Scott Hanson RedZone. /

For many of us NFL-obsessed fans, Scott Hanson has ingrained himself within the fabric of our lives on Sunday afternoons in the fall. But there was a time when he, and the NFL, could only wish to have such an impact on us and our viewing experience.

11 years and 199 episodes later, wish granted.

As RedZone prepares to air its 200th episode this Sunday, they took a look back at the show's premiere from September 13, 2009 and posted the first 60 seconds that aired that day. It features many familiar elements still employed by the program today, including the music, the live looks around the league, and discussions about the most important storylines. But the part at the end, when Hanson says they hope this show changes the way we watch football, really stood out because it has proven to be prophetic for many viewers, including myself.

Some people still prefer a single game viewing experience, especially when their favorite franchise is playing. For me, there's nothing better than bouncing around the slate of games, seeing big plays in real time (or close to it) and having Hanson call it all as only he can. It's not an easy job remembering all the names, storylines and situations, but Hanson has always shined in that situation.

Beyond the nostalgia of seeing Hanson hope RedZone will succeed, it's also funny to see what was going on around the league in 2009. Brett Favre as a Viking was such a huge deal and now he's out there working with NFL films in Tampa Bay. Kyle Orton? Remember that guy? Broncos fans probably wish they didn't. As for Maurice Jones-Drew, he was the best running back in the NFL for a hot second too.

Look at me using the phrase "hot second" in a sentence. This really must be a throwback post.