I Am Excited to See Brett Favre's Work Product From the Game He Wore a Tompa Bay Shirt To


Brett Favre was at yesterday's Tampa Bay Buccaneers-Carolina Panthers game, wearing a Tom Brady Bucs shirt and digging into a bag of chips like an Average Joe at home on the couch. As luck would have it, television cameras captured the gunslinger in the rare moment he wasn't wearing a mask and observing proper protocol.

Hate it when that happens.

Buccaneers center Ryan Jensen thought it was interesting and it is, in fact, sort of interesting.

Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio got to the bottom of the unusual circumstance.

"Per the team Favre works for The Grind, a show on Epix produced by NFL Films. He attended the game in connection with a feature on Buccaneers linebacker Devin White. Favre was accompanied by a “couple” members of his family, along with a “pretty decent-sized film crew.”"

Alright, so that's settled. But it will be interesting to see the work product Favre derived from bringing all of these people to the game. I must admit that I am not particularly familiar with The Grind so one wonders how he'll weave his stadium access into the story he's telling about White.

Gone are the days a guy could just have fun out there without people asking a bunch of questions about how much fun he's having and why he's out there in the first place.