NFL on CBS Off to Best Start in 12 Years

Ethan Miller/GettyImages

America continues to snort the NFL with both nostrils, allowing network public relations teams to blast out triumphant ratings emails for the weirdos who are profoundly interested in such things. CBS had a chance to beat its chest this morning while revealing that they are off to their best start in 12 years by averaging 18.920 million viewers. And wait, there's more. People went nuts for the late window this Sunday, which featured Kyler Murray running around like a chicken with its head cut off and Joe Burrow getting sacked every 45 seconds.

Sunday’s national game window, led by the Cowboys’ last-second win over the Bengals and the Cardinals’ thrilling overtime victory against the Raiders, averaged 27.389 million viewers, the most-watched NFL ON CBS national game window in three years (28.249 million, Dec. 8, 2019 with Kansas City-New England as the high-coverage game). It is CBS Sports’ most-watched game window in September since 1998 when the NFL returned to CBS.

Fox is also up one percent to date and figures to get a boost by the upcoming Mid-Life Crisis Bowl between Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers.

Amazon? Well, your guess is as good as ours because they are slow-cooking those numbers in a Crock Pot until it reaches maximum tenderness. ESPN's Monday Night Football doubleheader stats should be out shortly. There's no reason to think they're anything less than grand.

So, in case there was any concern, people are still watching the NFL. A lot.