NFL Draft Pick Salary By Round: How Much Do Rookies Make?

2022 NFL Draft - Rounds 4-7
2022 NFL Draft - Rounds 4-7 / David Becker/GettyImages

*This post has been updated for the 2024 NFL Draft*

The 2024 NFL Draft is right around the corner and with it comes talk of the rookie wage scale. Unlike the old days where a guy like Sam Bradford could sign a contract worth nearly $80 million, contract numbers are set in stone for draft picks nowadays. The NFL Draft not only determines where the top rookies will play this season, but how much money they'll make. Here's everything you need to know about how much this year's rookie class will be paid over the course of their contracts.

What is the Rookie Wage Scale?

Since the rookie wage scale was introduced a little over a decade ago, young players have had their salaries determined completely by where they are drafted. The rookie wage scale assigns a limit on total compensation for a team's rookie class with each draft slot assigned specific salary parameters. Cam Newton was the first No. 1 pick to play under the rookie wage scale and signed a 4-year, $22 million deal that was fully guaranteed.

How Much Will the No. 1 Overall Pick Make in the 2024 NFL Draft?

While the final numbers will be determined by the salary cap for the 2024-25 league year, this draft's top pick will get a four-year deal worth around $38.5 million including a signing bonus of $24.8 million. This is a marginal increase from Bryce Young's $37.9 million deal that had $24.6 million guaranteed. Signing bonuses for rookies had increased by 1 percent in each of the three preceding seasons leading up to this year. It's safe to assume the trend will continue in 2024.

How Does the Rookie Wage Scale Change By Round?

All first round picks will sign four-year deals, with the team having an option to extend the deal to a fifth year. After the first pick the salaries will drop consistently and the No. 32 overall pick in the first round will be able to sign a deal worth around $12.75 million.

In the second round of the Draft, contracts will be worth between $6.3 million and $9.9 million. The first pick in the third round can sign a deal worth $6 million while the last pick in the third will have to settle for a $5.5 million deal.

Fourth rounders will get between $4.5 million and $4.8 million. Fifth rounders will all get more than $4 million and less than $5 million. The first pick in the sixth round will get $4.2 million and the last pick in the sixth (No. 217) will get $4.1 million. Slightly more than $4.09 million that Mr. Irrelevant, pick No. 259, will make.

NFL Draft Pick Salary by Round

Here's a breakdown of the salary ranges for each round.




$12.1 Million-$38.5 Million


$6.3 Million-$9.9 Million


$5.5 Million-$6 Million


$4.5 Million-$4.8 Million


$4.2 Million-$4.4 Million


$4.1 Million-$4.2 Million


$4.09 Million-$4.13 Million