NFL Will Reportedly Not Consider 'Biodome' Option For Next Season

NFL Footballs
NFL Footballs / Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

Reports have already emerged detailing the NFL's contingency plans should the coronavirus pandemic continues to impact everyone's lives come fall. Today, ESPN's Jeremy Fowler reported that, unlike MLB and the NBA, the NFL will not consider putting teams into a centralized location to play games, commonly referred to as the "biodome" option:

"One option not on the table, a source told ESPN, is gathering players at a centralized location to execute a season. The NBA and Major League Baseball have discussed playing at a neutral site such as Walt Disney World, Las Vegas or Arizona, but the NFL doesn't plan to do that."

Jeremy Fowler, ESPN

Major League Baseball was blasted for their consideration of putting every team and player in Arizona to start the year, while the NBA is reportedly considering gathering their people at Walt Disney World to finish off the season. While both options come with serious downsides and a lot of moving parts, they are technically feasible due to size of team personnel. It's not the same case for the NFL, in which each team has a roster twice the size of an MLB roster and about three times the size of an NBA roster, respectively. Larger rosters come with more team personnel to ensure everyone is in top shape, and it snowballs from there.

So it's no surprise the NFL wouldn't look at a biodome as a legitimate option. Many things can change over the next four months, as we've all come to learn. No one has any idea what the world will look like come September. We can only hope it's something close to normal. Either way, it seems the NFL is expecting to, at most, delay the start of their season and then go on with business as usual, or whatever that will be by then.