Thoughts on Early NFL MVP Odds

Baker Mayfield MVP odds
Baker Mayfield MVP odds / Andy Lyons/Getty Images

What time for the city of Kansas City. Super Bowl winners, favored to repeat, talk of a dynasty (even if it may be misguided), and they never have to feel the fear of facing Patrick Mahomes in a football game. While you'd think that is enough for now, Vegas isn't done pumping them up. Mahomes is the favorite to win the MVP award next season, according to the early odds.

Merely based on the fact that he is significantly better than the opposition, they have this correct. Before early-season injuries, Mahomes was on pace to rival, if not eclipse, his historically great 2018 season, which he was the MVP of. There is admittedly a history of Super Bowl hangovers and regular-season setbacks. But Mahomes' situation draws closer parallels to Aaron Rodgers' Super Bowl win. Rodgers followed up his face-of-the-league clinching Super Bowl with an MVP award, putting together a 45-touchdown, six-interception, 122.5 passer rating, 15-1 season.

Rodgers, at that point, was playing the sport at the highest level it's been played at. Mahomes is playing it at a higher level.

Outside of Mahomes, Deshaun Watson at 12-1 is the bet to make. Watson is the frontrunner to be the No. 2 to Mahomes for the next decade. Despite a low-level coach and poor offensive line play, Watson was a top-four quarterback this season. That was with Will Fuller missing five games. DeAndre Hopkins is Houston's star wide receiver, but Fuller makes the offense go.

At 40-1, Baker Mayfield is the long-shot, bang for your buck pick. The expectations are gone (we think), Freddie Kitchens is no more, and Mayfield is finally saying the right things. Yes, it's the Browns, but Mayfield is surrounded by game-changing play-makers. Keep an eye on this one if you can stomach another season of confidence in him.

Since we are on the subject of value, we'll address Tom Brady's 30-1 odds. Brady looked old this past season. According to biology, he will be old again. And who knows which team he'll play for. As much as this number will infuriate Boston fans and make them send mean messages on the message boards, 30-1 is right around where he should be. Remember, low odds don't always mean valuable.