Media Predicting Patrick Mahomes and Chiefs Dynasty is Shortsighted

Patrick Mahomes celebrates Super Bowl.
Patrick Mahomes celebrates Super Bowl. / Tom Pennington/Getty Images

In the aftermath of the Super Bowl, many of the questions directed toward Patrick Mahomes and his teammates centered around the Chiefs becoming the next dynasty.

While Frank Clark wasn't afraid to take the bait and say the Patriots dynasty is dead and the Chiefs is just beginning, most of the other KC players were more realistic, shooting down comparisons to the Patriots, knowing a dynasty isn't built in a day.

If only the media reacted similarly.

In what can only be described as an overreaction of epic proportions, everyone from ESPN to USA Today to Bleacher Report discussed their belief that the Chiefs dynasty started on Sunday with a win over the 49ers. While all may well be prophetic, they're also coming off as extremely shortsighted.

Since winning the Super Bowl in 2009 and 2010, respectively, legendary quarterbacks Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers have not made it back to the big game, much less won another. Hell, Dan Marino only went to one Super Bowl in his entire career.

The reality is, football is a team game. It's also unpredictable. While Mahomes winning a Super Bowl at 24 puts him in the position to be a legend in the game, the Chiefs need to put people around him to succeed within the salary cap while also making him the highest paid player in the history of the game. Mahomes could also get hurt. Not wishing an injury on him. Just stating the obvious.

In every sport, the media falls into this trap. In baseball, the Astros and Red Sox and, hell, some people were even saying the Mets had the makings of a dynasty. In the NBA, whatever team LeBron has played on in the last 15 years has been hailed as the next dynasty, while the Warriors, even after winning their first title, didn't really get that hype. The Kings and Blackhawks were supposed to be dynasties in the NHL. None of them panned out.

Perhaps we should learn from our past mistakes and stop acting like we're fortune tellers. At least then we'd be able to enjoy the ride as it's happening and not look dumb when we come out on the other side.