New York Post Shows 'Smoking Gun' Email on Backpage

New York Post Cover.
New York Post Cover. /

When things get messy in sports, you can expect the New York Post to get involved with a memorable back page. They didn't disappoint today, posting an email they obtained that reportedly confirms the MLBPA knew a second round of negotiation would have to take place in regard to player salary.

For a little more context, MLB and MLBPA are currently embroiled in a very public argument over player compensation amidst proposals for a shortened season. The players union believes they already struck a deal with the MLB on March 26 and should be guaranteed a prorated salary for the games they played and a 50-50 revenue split. The MLB maintains there needs to be new negotiations because no fans will attend games in their latest proposal.

It's been a sloppy affair, with players like Blake Snell publicly saying he won't play unless he's fairly compensated and the MLB saying based on the new proposal the teams can't afford to pay players a prorated salary.

What this email allegedly shows is the MLBPA knew at the time they signed the original deal that a second round of negotiations over player compensation would have to take place if no fans could attend games. That's where things stand now, with neither side reportedly willing to negotiate further until the other agrees to adjust their current position.

Time is ticking for a deal to get done. The MLB hoped to resume spring training in June and start the season in early July, but that seems less likely with negotiations at a standstill and neither side willing to budge. Billions of dollars are at stake for both sides and ultimately a deal should be struck based on that reality (better to make some money than none). But don't expect it to be a pretty affair as it continues to play out in public and on the back pages of tabloids.