New Radicals Reunited to Perform 'You Get What You Give' for Joe Biden's Inauguration

The New Radicals perform "You Get What You Give" during Joe Biden's Inaugural celebration
The New Radicals perform "You Get What You Give" during Joe Biden's Inaugural celebration /

We've known for a while that the New Radicals were set to reunite for the first time in more than 20 years to perform late-90s hit "You Get What You Give" at Joe Biden's Presidential Inauguration celebration. That happened Wednesday night and it was pretty great.

The song, a catchy-as-hell, fleeting hit released back in 1998, is said to have been Beau Biden's anthem as he battled glioblastoma. Joe's son died on May 20, 2015 but the song has stuck as an important tune for the Biden family. For that reason, the band decided to reunite and perform on a historic day.

Here's the performance, which includes an intro by lead singer Gregg Alexander explaining the reason the band came back together:

After more than 20 years, they sound pretty good. It's a very cool, unique story. If you're going to bring a band back together for a one-time performance, this is the way to do it. Personally, I'm just happy Alexander has decided to stick with the bucket hat all these years later.

It is notable that he left out the most controversial verse of the song, where he attacked other artists like Courtney Love, Beck, Hanson and Marilyn Manson. Clearly that wasn't in the spirit of the day.

Here's the original video if you don't remember it, or just want to lean in to a classic:

Man that's bringing back some serious high school memories.

The New Radicals were never a "band" in the true sense. It was a group of rotating musicians with Alexander and Danielle Brisebois as the only permanent members. After the group's popularity exploded thanks to "You Get What You Give," Alexander quickly got burned out and disbanded the band before its second single was even released.

He instead focused on writing and producing and has been wildly successful in that arena. He wrote Grammy-winning song "The Game of Love" for Santana and Michelle Branch, and has been nominated for an Academy Award, while also working with a laundry list of stars. It's worth noting, though he originally dissed them in "You Get What You Give" he later wrote and produced songs for Hanson. Clearly everyone has grown up and matured in the last two decades.

Now Alexander and the group he formed has a place in presidential history. That's pretty cool.