Alarm Goes Off During RedZone Broadcast, Scott Hanson Soldiers On


During Sunday's late NFL window, anyone watching NFL RedZone watched something bizarre unfold. An alarm went off in the middle of the broadcast, one that necessitated an evacuation of the studio. Eventually host Scott Hanson informed viewers it was safe for him to stay on air and continued the end of the broadcast. It was a crazy scene that added to the drama of an exciting late window.

Check this out as it unfolded:

Here Hanson is announcing it was safe for him to remain in the studio:

Here's more:

And more as Hanson finished the broadcast:

Kudos to Hanson for sticking it out and managing to talk while those alarms went off. It all went down during the fourth quarter of an exciting game between the Buffalo Bills and Philadelphia Eagles and right as the Kansas City Chiefs' finished up a win over the Las Vegas Raiders. There was a lot going on so it was terrible timing.

UPDATE: Scott Hanson took to Twitter to update everyone on the situation:

Glad to hear they got the all clear.