NBA Summer League Fights Are As Sad As It Gets


NBA Summer League is supposed to be a place to gather and overreact to small sample sizes. Yesterday in Las Vegas, during the Hornets-Lakers tilt, it was turned into the Battledome as two of our finest human beings waged war in the stands.

Is nothing sacred?

The cozy setting for fisticuffs allowed Summer League co-founder Albert Hall to hustle over and try to break things up. Which you don't see every day. Respect the hustle. Guy jumped in there like Michael Keaton in The Other Guys.

Now, if you're thinking, 'hey I bet whatever led to this is really stupid' ... then you'd be correct.

People really do be fighting anywhere. In food courts. In the 700 level. At Little League games. At basketball events that even some of the most obsessed hoopheads at The Ringer are skipping. Basically, if it's a place, people will use it to bash their fellow man about the head violently.

Yet another reason to post up at home and never go anywhere.