NBA Players Decide to Resume Season, Playoffs Could Start Back Up By Friday [UPDATE]

NBA Campus in Orlando
NBA Campus in Orlando / Pool/Getty Images

When the Milwaukee Bucks refused to take the court against the Orlando Magic in protest of the Jacob Blake shooting in Kenosha, nobody really knew what would happen next. The Bucks were followed by the four other teams scheduled to play yesterday and teams across other sports. The NBA games set to take place on Thursday were postponed. The players had a meeting last night where LeBron James walked out after voting to boycott the season. The prospect of finishing the season was very much up in the air.

After meeting again this morning, reports emerged that the players have decided to resume the playoffs. The goal is to start up again tomorrow.

It would appear the season is back on. When has yet to be determined, and what steps the players are taking to advance their calls for social justice are still unknown. But, for now, the NBA will continue on.

UPDATE: The NBA has released an official statement in which they say they're "hopeful" the season will resume sometime in the next few days.