NBA Overreactions From Opening Week

By Geoff Magliocchetti
New York Knicks v Brooklyn Nets
New York Knicks v Brooklyn Nets / Emilee Chinn/Getty Images

82 games, and not a single rational response.

The NBA season is off and running, and the country's most social media-friendly sport has enjoyed quite the debut. Alas, some extremists have to ruin it for the rationals, evidenced by doomsday and glory responses alike...

"The Warriors Are Terrible Now!"
Life's been good for Golden State Warriors fans and "fans" over the past few years. Starting lineups with four All-Stars, a new arena in San Francisco was supposed to be the new party site moving forward. Instead, true to a haunted house theme for Halloween, the Warriors were blown off the floor by the Lakers in their preseason debut and then endured another blowout defeat at the hands of the Clippers in the official opener. A 28-point loss to Oklahoma City was likewise humbling. Even a 134-123 win over New Orleans garnered only tepid enthusiasm at best.

Stephen Curry, the one leftover superstar from the glory days, has carried the slack, left alone after injuries and trades deconstructed the roster around him. Yes, the Warriors aren't going to go for 70 wins again, but 47 shouldn't be out the questions. Golden State was generally spoiled to the point of fault, and now they're enduring a bit of a quiet interlude. It simply seems foolhardy to count Curry, and several determined replacements like D'Angelo Russell, out so quickly, even in the mighty Western Conference.

"The Nets Will Regret Adding Kyrie!"
With the Celtics already crossed off his list, Kyrie Irving seems prepared to play, "How many cities can I get run out of?" bingo with recent reports from Brooklyn. Irving has shown up on the floor-- he had 50 points in his debut alone-- but the Brooklyn Nets are giving up over 123 points per game as they sit at 1-2, with both losses coming in overtime. His supposed "mood swings" aren't doing the team any favors either, fulfilling the warnings the Nets presumably heard about Irving from his past stops. An encouraging sign, however, has to be Kevin Durant speaking in support of Irving, as the two continue to showcase good chemistry without having taken the court together. Brooklyn should cool off once the hype around Irving settles down. A win over the New York Knicks surely served as some early consolation.

"The Clippers Are Ready to Take Over!"
Yes, the Clippers might be the latest franchise that Kawhi Leonard lifts into championship relevancy. But to declare them the new Warriors and insurmountable favorites this early is a bit premature. Leonard and company might have some trouble taking the city of Los Angeles first, at least from the fans, as audible boos were heard when the Finals MVP greeted fans in his now-infamous "Hey, hey, hey" welcome speech prior to the opener against the Lakers. The Clippers will also need to lock down their defense, as a 130-point allowance in Phoenix dealt LA their first loss of the Leonard era.

"The Raptors' Throwback Unis Are The Best Ever!"
Yeah...we're not going to argue with this one.