Brooklyn is Worried About Kyrie Irving’s 'Mood Swings'

Bobby Burack
New York Knicks v Brooklyn Nets
New York Knicks v Brooklyn Nets / Emilee Chinn/Getty Images

It was already hard to judge matters in Brooklyn. Kevin Durant is not playing this season, Kyrie Irving is leading in the league in scoring (37.7 points per game), and the team looks average at best after going 1-2 through three games. But now, we have more insight into how things are really going with the Nets. And it doesn't sound great. According to Jackie MacMullan, Irving's "mood swings" have certain Brooklyn officials "queasy."

Hard to justify feeling bad for any member of the Nets organization right about now. I mean, what did they expect? Last I checked, this is the same Kyrie Irving who announced he would be staying with the Boston Celtics, and then, well, didn't. Also, it's the same guy who couldn't stand playing alongside LeBron James anymore. Then he got his wish, and called James after a game realizing the mistake he made. The Nets could have also asked any teammate that has ever played with Irving this, but, hey, maybe they thought he was a changed man.

No player in the NBA, or in sports, has been harder to figure out than Irving. Except the fact that he has had a mood swing or two. Oh, and that everything he says makes you question if maybe he is the smartest person going. Or if that is not the case.

As for you, Durant-- at least you don't have to share a team with Steph Curry anymore...