Nate Sudfeld Gets a New Contract While Colin Kaepernick Continues to Look For Work

Las Vegas Raiders v San Francisco 49ers
Las Vegas Raiders v San Francisco 49ers / Michael Zagaris/GettyImages

With Aaron Rodgers returning to the Green Bay Packers and Russell Wilson being traded to the Denver Broncos, the rest of the quarterback dominoes are starting to fall. Obviously, one of the big names everyone was waiting for was Nate Sudfeld, who signed a fully guaranteed $2 million deal to return to the San Francisco 49ers, as tweeted by Adam Schefter.

Schefter tweeted that news with a straight face, failing to make a connection to one of the other things he tweeted yesterday: Colin Kaepernick still wants to play.

Should Kaepernick wish to sue the NFL again, Nate Sudfeld getting another contract would make for an excellent Exhibit A. Sudfeld is neither young (he turns 29 this season) nor experienced (zero starts, 37 total passing attempts since he was drafted in 2016). To suggest that multiple teams believe he has "starter potential" in this league is a joke.

The last time that Sudfeld played - no, the ONLY time that Sudfeld played - his coach was basically accused of throwing a game. Sudfeld was a surprise entrant into the Eagles' season finale two years ago when he replaced Jalen Hurts, threw an interception and helped Philly lose a game that kept the New York Giants out of the playoffs. After the game Doug Pederson had to tell the press that he was coaching to win.

The Philadelphia Daily News called the move a "Nate Crime."

Now at this point it's pretty clear that Colin Kaepernick is never going to get another opportunity to play in the NFL. It's been too long and that will be every team's argument while they continue to give contracts to guys like Nate Sudfeld and Chase Daniel and Josh Johnson.