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Philadelphia Daily News Really Went For It With 'Nate Crime' Headline on Front Cover

Stephen Douglas
Nate Sudfeld greeted by the Washington Football Team.
Nate Sudfeld greeted by the Washington Football Team. / Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

The Washington Football Team won the NFC East on Sunday with a, 20-14, victory over the Philadelphia Eagles.

With embattled former starting quarterback Carson Wentz a healthy scratch, the Eagles pulled rookie starting quarterback Jalen Hurts during the second half in favor of Nate Sudfeld. After Hurts was the team's best quarterback most of the season, it was a surprise move for many fans. Especially Giants fans, who were rooting for the Eagles to win so they would make the playoffs. The move didn't work as Sudfeld completed 41.7% of his passes for 32 yards and an ugly interception.

After the game, Eagles coach Doug Pederson said he had always planned to get Sudfeld some snaps. Still, the Philadelphia media doesn't seem 100% on board with the call. Take the Philadelphia Daily News for instance, which put "NATE CRIME" on the front page Monday morning.

As a fan of puns, that's good work. As a woke millennial, oh boy, that seems super aggressive! It's definitely a swing for the fences, but what better time to go big or go home.