Insane Footage of Tornado Destroying a House in Nash County, North Carolina


A massive tornado touched down in Nash County, North Carolina on Wednesday and left a ton of destruction in its wake. It was on the ground for up to 10 miles and spared nothing in its path. You may have seen footage of a massive Pfizer plant that collapsed after being hit. Well, now we have footage from inside a house it tore apart and it is crazy.

Here's video:

First off, if a tornado is hitting your house, maybe put the camera down and get to shelter? Seriously, how do you keep running that video? I mean, I'm happy everyone seems OK, and the video has survived for us to use. But still, safety first people!

We've got more video from the tornado and the destruction it left.

It was simply massive:

Here's some of the destruction:

And here's the footage of the Pfizer plant:

Just absolutely incredible, and terrifying, footage.