Under What Circumstances Would You Step in to Take a Charge From Myles Garrett?

Myles Garrett dunking.
Myles Garrett dunking. /

Myles Garrett is a physical specimen. The NFL stats and highlights back that up. However, the football pads hide just exactly what offensive linemen are really dealing with on a weekly basis. Yesterday, Garrett posted a video on Twitter from a pickup basketball session. Myles Garrett playing basketball in a Jurassic Park jersey might be the scariest thing in all of sports.

To put it in classic basketball Twitter parlance, Myles Garrett is a problem. He looks like Zion Williamson if he traveled back to the 80s and spent a year training with the original cast of Predator.

So what would it take for you to stand in front of that man if he were going to the basket with the game on the line? Under what circumstances would you take that charge? Would Billy Hoyle do it in a pick up game if there were a few hundred dollars on the line? The man wasn't known for his defense.

Would you do it in an NBA game? Certainly not the regular season, but in the playoffs probably. Would it need to be an elimination game or would you do this in, like, Game 2?

Personally, I would do it for $10,000 in a NCAA conference tournament game. There would also need to be an agreement where Garrett would have to pay any possible medical bills resulting from the collision. It's likely the worst that would happen is I have the wind knocked out of me and I'm sore for a few days, but there is the possibility that I would end up in the hospital. The $10,000 would purely be for pain and suffering.

I'd do it in a pickup game, but for that to happen I'd have to be the kind of person who tries to take a charge in a pickup game and I would never do that to my family. I wouldn't want to put a high school official in a spot where he was faced with making a call like that against Garrett. That's why it would have to be a college game where the officials would relish the opportunity to make that call and get ripped on Twitter as a slow motion replay revealed that my feet were moving because my knees were shaking so badly. It is also very important I get my money if the call is overturned on replay.