'Morning Joe' Hosts Joke About Donald Trump's Self-Reported Height, Weight and Hair Color


Donald Trump turned himself in at the Fulton County Jail in Georgia on Thursday evening. On Friday MSNBC's Morning Joe crew had a good laugh about Trump's self-reported measurements and "strawberry blonde" hair with Joe Scarborough doing most of the riffing since he had the most experience standing near the surprisingly fit ex-president.

"It was a very sobering moment. I mean, the one of the few moments of levity provided by Donald Trump’s staff, self-reported weight and height. I’ve stood next to him many times. I’m about six-four, maybe he’s six-one, maybe he’s six-one and a half, six two. He’s a good bit shorter, but he is that for 40 minutes, six three and ended up fighting weight of 215. That would be like if my staff reported me... Describe Mr. Scarborough’s appearance. 'He looks a lot like Robert Redford in 1974.' Wildly, wildly off. So I I’m not going to tell you where the over/under is on Donald Trump’s weigh-in, but it’s a good let’s just say it’s a good 70 or 80-pounds higher than what the staff reported. But, Willie, I’m sure you would describe me as looking like Robert Redford in about '74. But but I don’t know about Donald Trump at 215."

Mika Brzezinski did her best to keep a straight face while Willie Geist made Scarborough crack up by bringing up the strawberry blonde hair: "He really went for it."

This is just good, classic morning show stuff. Just some hosts looking at the news, sharing a laugh.