Mina Kimes Perfectly Summarizes Jets Defense on Henry Ruggs' Last-Second Touchdown

Henry Ruggs touchdown Jets.
Henry Ruggs touchdown Jets. / Al Bello/Getty Images

The New York Jets were within 13 seconds of their first win this season. While that's good, it also means they were 13 seconds away from possibly losing the No. 1 pick in the 2021 NFL Draft and the opportunity to select Clemson star quarterback Trevor Lawrence.

Apparently, someone wired that information to Jets defensive coordinator Gregg Williams, who responded accordingly by inexplicably calling a cover zero (no safety help) with the Raiders 46 yards away from the end zone maybe two plays left in the game. The strategy backfired as rookie speedster Henry Ruggs got behind the defense and scored the game-winning touchdown.

Why would the Jets blitz there? Why, if they were blitzing, wouldn't they keep one safety deep knowing it was the only play that would allow the Raiders to beat them? Those are just some of the questions facing the Jets after they fell to 0-12 on the season. Thankfully, ESPN's Mina Kimes was here to explain the thinking behind this unthinkable defensive decision.

Ah, I see now. It wasn't a cover zero. It was a cover tank, which is smart. You gotta cover your ass there and make sure the tank is still in place for Lawrence. I mean, Williams and head coach Adam Gase won't be around to see Lawrence play for the Jets, if he agrees to go there, but the least they can do for the franchise is ensure Lawrence will be its quarterback moving forward.